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The Problems of Alarm :iconfishingforbirdies:FishingForBirdies 0 2
Uber Bunny Hat :iconfishingforbirdies:FishingForBirdies 10 6 Kraken Hat+Scarf Combo :iconfishingforbirdies:FishingForBirdies 33 15 Ze Ender Famiry :iconfishingforbirdies:FishingForBirdies 5 8 Enderbro and Enderchick :iconfishingforbirdies:FishingForBirdies 72 15 Wobuffet Hat :iconfishingforbirdies:FishingForBirdies 27 25 Sexy Enderman :iconfishingforbirdies:FishingForBirdies 1,839 331 Link Hat :iconfishingforbirdies:FishingForBirdies 58 31 Creeper Hat :iconfishingforbirdies:FishingForBirdies 31 13 Business Cards :iconfishingforbirdies:FishingForBirdies 11 9 Stormy Skies :iconfishingforbirdies:FishingForBirdies 3 11 Minecraft Character :iconfishingforbirdies:FishingForBirdies 1 7 Zero Mask :iconfishingforbirdies:FishingForBirdies 3 0 Torchic Hat :iconfishingforbirdies:FishingForBirdies 15 1 Big Pokemon Perler Bead Sprite :iconfishingforbirdies:FishingForBirdies 119 27 Pokemon Yellow Perlor Beads :iconfishingforbirdies:FishingForBirdies 30 2

dA Stamp - Commish Open by lynkx-ie.:I forget shit.: by Da-DingoRequest Open Stamp by SquirtleStamps


Temmie plush - GIVEAWAY :iconfafatacle:Fafatacle 2,182 631 Fvck Your Arrows. Fvck Your Sword. :iconamandamyers:AmandaMyers 151 15 The Knife of Dunwall :iconshalizeh:shalizeh 705 35 CUBED bunny plush tutorial :iconaiwa-9:aiwa-9 3,450 243 How to make an onigiri plush :iconkikiotaku87:kikiotaku87 320 57 DIY Kawaii Cat plushie tutorial :iconkumakumashop:kumakumashop 246 11 Catbug Plushie Tutorial part 2 :iconvoodoo-tiki:Voodoo-Tiki 325 14 Sneaking to the Box - Pose Reference :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 1,299 81 koumakan :iconthe-lm7:THE-LM7 19 3 Craft foam tutorial :iconpxscosplay:PxScosplay 1,910 117 Paper Mache Armor and Prop Tutorial :iconfirelilycosplay:FireLilyCosplay 3,568 270 Vinyl and Craft Foam Armor Tutorial :iconfirelilycosplay:FireLilyCosplay 2,808 150
Writers' Notes - Fight Scenes
I have read enough books to find that fighting scenes can be difficult to write.  Some of the novels I have read have had painful fighting scenes so this tutorial is an amalgamation of my thoughts on the best ways to do it.
First, let's break this down into aspects to think about:
Before writing fight scenes think about the characters involved.  What are their skills, what are their ideas of fighting?  Why are they doing so?  Is it a sense of survival?  Is it to show honour like a duel?  
For example -
Does a peaceful man watch his brothers murdered in a slaughter by the king's men.  Does he, in a rage, grab a fallen sword and defend the last of them.  He holds no skill but the sheer fury at watching his peaceful world be shattered.  Afterwards does he vow revenge and ride for the king's castle or retreat to the mountains to get over what he di
:icondarkdelusion:DarkDelusion 426 41
5 Tips: World-Building Template
EDIT: If you like this journal entry, check out The Sarcastic Guide to Writing ebook for exclusive content on world-building, character, and dialogue!
Capital City:
Colors: (An example would be red, white, and blue)
Symbol: (An example would be stars and stripes.)
Races: (The races that inhabit the area, whether or not they’re native.)
Government: (Feudal system, caste system, oligarchy, parliament, democracy, plutocracy?)
Religion: (Monotheism?  Pantheism?  Atheism?)
Resources: (What does the country export?  Import?  Make?  Is famous for?)
Description of Major Cities: (I do this to get a feel for the areas the characters will be visiting.)
Quote: (What someone from this area would talk like, or talk about.)
History: (Everyone comes from somewhere.  Peop
:icondroemar:Droemar 244 64
Pidgey Plush Tutorial I :iconplushbox:Plushbox 523 10 Sitting Stock Pack 3 :iconrobynrose:RobynRose 10,500 0


i'm going btw, just thought i should just throw that out there two days before it starts

here's everything i'm bringing and the prices:

lumas - 15
pitfall seeds - 20
deadpool logos - 20

link - 20
kirby - 20
ditto - 20
drifloon - 35
dragonair - 25

gravity falls 3 book - 30

if you want anything reserved for you, comment here and i'll save the thing for you. (as a note, drifloon and dragonair hats are both high demand items and i have extremely limited numbers.) i'll be at youma all weekend trying to man the table as constantly as possible, so if you don't pick up the thing by saturday, it'll be sold to someone else on sunday.
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Happy birthday, fellow Code Geass fan!
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Happy birthday! :party: 
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Hey hey, are you into art trades? :3
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Not at the moment, sorry.
SnowingPlastic Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012
How big is it and how much do YOU want for it?
FishingForBirdies Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
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Srsly though.
If you're not really serious about it just say so, I'm just looking for a bbirthday present.
FishingForBirdies Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Nah, I am serious about selling it. But I like to do business through notes rather than in messages where everyone can see it.
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iScitch Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
Ender hat?
TacoFrenzy Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
these are cute stuff you make~
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